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Why do we do what we do?

Our mission: To become the recognized leader in specialized plastic model printing services for our target market. We intend to create a Center of Excellence for 3D printing services in the South East US.
PaliProto can generate stunning plastic models from a computer file that we create or You send us.

At PaliProto 3D we believe that 3D printing is a game changing family of technologies. We see that 3D printing is already changing the way we engage with design, ideas, education, manufacturing, and products. 3D printing now impacts processes in countless industries from aerospace and automotive to industrial design and product production. Not only this, but it has a growing impact on industries and spheres that previously did not consider the benefits or usefulness of these technologies. Industries such as law, medical applications, archaeology, chemistry, education, healthcare, entertainment and fashion.

3D printing technologies, materials and applications are already changing how we approach our personal spaces and household design challenges. From custom furniture to clothing to fashion accessories, these technologies have enabled end users to tap into creativity and exploration in ways that no other technologies have in a long time.

We like to compare 3D printing technologies, otherwise known as additive manufacturing, to radio or the invention of the car.

A game changing toolbox.

What will you build?

News Flash! Zortrax M300 Test Bench Results

After several weeks of testing the Zortrax M300 on limited production runs, we are confidant to announce that the print quality is as high as the "little" brother M200. We concluded our tests and starting December 1, we are adding the Zortrax M300 printer and supported Z-materials to our offerings.

The M300 is certified to run the following Z-Materials: Z-HIPS, Z-GLASS and Z-PETG. On our own we also tested other genuine Zortrax materials. Specifically Z-ABS and Z-PCABS. However due to inconclusive and inconsistent results we are not recommending them yet as an M300 basic filament.

For a Pro Tip: We used Acetone slurry to get good results on medium to large Z-ABS parts. However we found that we needed to ensure a very steady temperature for the entire print time. We had to avoid A/C, vents, fans or any other temperature changing events such as doors and windows being opened or even foot traffic! 

Happy printing! - The team at Pali Proto

Zortrax M300 Printer

News Flash! #OMGROBOTS!

PaliProto 3D will be at the

 FTC Robotics Championships 2015/2016 - Jungle Rumble

on November 21, 2015
at Douglas County High School

Come Check out and support these amazing students!

Photos from the Event


News Flash! 3D Printing for Students

3D Printing for Students

3D Hubs is offering discount prices for students.

3D Hubs Student Discount Flyer

Visit our Hub at our PaliProto 3D Hubs order page

Use the Discount Code 8XXPA7FWAV


We've ran our new Airwolf3D AXIOM through its paces and it's out on the production floor tackling client jobs.


What a versatile machine.

Come down to check this and other printers out at our retail store. 

And speaking of client jobs. We're doing a large Nylon910 run. For this we needed a safe and mobile place to store the the spools to protect them from humidity. Tom and Kuba knocked out a solid solution out of spare items laying around the shop. 

Nylon storage bucket

It also serves as some pretty snazzy mood lighting!


News Flash! Georgia Manufacturing Summit

PaliProto 3D will be exhibiting

at 2015 Georgia Manufacturing Summit

November 18, 2015

at COBB Galleria, 2 Galleria Parkway Southeast Atlanta, GA 30339

News Flash! ACME Southern Nationals

PaliProto 3D will be at the

ACME Southern Nationals model car show 2015 NNL

on November 14, 2015

News Flash! Marietta Art in the Park 2015

PaliProto 3D will be at the

 Marietta Art in the Park Festival

September 5 - 7, 2015
at Marietta Square

Come check out the art and our booth.

News Flash! Marietta Street Fest 2015

PaliProto 3D will be at the

 Marietta Street Fest

September 19 - 20, 2015
at Marietta Square

Come check out the fun.

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