3D Printing fits into your Learning Initiatives

3D printing is a perfect fit in your STEM / STEAM program  or home school group. How can 3D printing contribute to a vibrant and progressive educational environment? How can you, as an educator or as a parent, use 3D printing tools in your curriculum and lesson plans? The following examples can illustrate:

  • Geography Students can print out topographical maps, statistical analysis maps, or population density maps.
  • Industrial Design students can print out models and test designs for form fits.
  • History Students can print out artifacts for hands on examination.
  • Engineering Students can use 3D printing in robotics projects.
  • Architecture Students can 3D print model parts of complete architecture models.
  • Biology Students can use 3D printing to study cross-sections of organs or microscopic organisms.
  • Chemistry Students can print out large scale molecules and proteins.
  • Physics students can study gravity and optics with the help of 3D printing.
  • Graphic Design students can use 3D printing to study sculpture or make their own designs.
  • Math Students can use 3D printing to produce the results of complex equations to see them in the physical world.


3D printing is a tool for all ages

3D printing allows students of all ages to explore real world problems. It enables a hands on design process that wasn't available with any prior set of tools. Experimentation and failure become critical lessons when using 3D printing in age appropriate projects and discipline specific courses.

3D printing provides an unparalleled potential in education especially when combined with a flexible classroom environment, appropriate unit planning, strategic engagement, and cross discipline approaches. PaliProto 3D Printing can aid you in incorporating 3D printing in your classroom. From charter schools, after-school demos, clubs, home-school co-ops, to standards based curriculum and weekly units we can provide resources, tools and consultation. Contact us for further information.

We do design work

Many individuals that have conceptualized and refined a unique design want to have the item produced as a tangible object. This can be a one off, single item, small scale run, prototype or as the input model for further mass production.

We can help you refine your hobby and personal project files to get the best print for your buck.

We are conveniently located in East Cobb a short drive away from 285 or GA 400 and you will find that our evening and weekend hours will give you the flexibility needed for a consultation appointment that works for you.

3D printing design consultation

We provide on-demand, per project consultation and design services for a wide range of clients. We review your files and models to check for fidelity, applicability, and printability in the materials and chosen printer. We also work on file conversations or digitizing your "napkin sketch" into a print ready model. We can also provide feedback to your own design process to get the best possible prints. 

Model Car axle model car engine model car wheels


Value add

As part of our 3D printing orders we provide the value added service of a file, 3D model, and design reviews. We also can do use case based one off prototypes prior to limited run manufacturing, base model creation, and digitizing help. Having trouble with your meshes, transforming NURB objects, converting a point cloud, creating a usable solid? Our technicians can very likely help you out. 

We want your prints to come out perfect.

Large runs

We are also able to provide mass scale 3D printing for orders that exceed our in-house printing capabilities. PaliProto 3D is currently sourcing and partnering with a number of other 3D printing and manufacturing companies that will provide these services on an as needed basis.

We are always looking for local high quality manufacturing partners. If you are interested in a partnership please contact us.

Design page banner
From napkin sketch to file verification we can help.

We Provide Solutions

We can generate plastic models from a computer file that we create or You send us.... Here at PaliProto 3D we provide printing of quality composite and plastic models or objects from CAD files (primarily STL) on behalf of designers, manufacturers, individuals, hobbyists and small businesses. We provide consulting services on file creation and expanding on design ideas. As part of our services we also do 3D scanning of real world objects and blueprint conversions.

Additionally we provide education, seminars, camps and hands on demos for adults and kids.

Come visit us at our Marietta East Cobb shop just north of metro Atlanta. We sell 3D printers. We provide 3D printing services. We have professional work stations with various types of 3D software available for customer use. 

Come over and check out our shop! 

At our retail facility you can see our various printers at work from envisionTEC, 3D Systems, Zortrax, Markforged and Airwolf. You can also check out what's on our Test Bench or learn when the next workshop will be. We would love to give you a tour of our shop and talk your ear off about 3D printing!

 Cube Pro Duo


We do 3D Scanning

3D scanning and 3D printing go hand in hand. At PaliProto 3D Printing and Scanning our core area is providing high quality 3D printing and reliable 3D printers. Our value tailored service area is in 3D scanning. The production of models and objects from the digitization of originals. Once objects have been digitized we use our state of the art 3D printers to produce scaled replicas up to three cubic feet in size in various material choices. 


We have a selection of scanning and capture tools that can fit a wide range of needs on site and off: iSense, Sense, Einscan Pro+, 3D Systems Capture, and even Photogrammetry techniques. We will work with you on your custom 3D scanning, reverse engineering or object replication needs.

We do 3D printing

Paliproto can generate stunning plastic models (large or small) from a computer file that we create or You send us.

3D printing (additive manufacturing) is versatile for numerous applications. The technologies, materials and processes keep improving monthly, become increasingly accessible and affordable for the tinkerer, hobbyist, prototyper, engineer or modeler. We can help you learn about the best fit for your needs. 

However we also know that there are times where you need someone else to do it right and to do it quickly.

We know that not everyone has the desire, time, or expertise to fix their own car, build their own deck, or design and sew their own clothes. In much the same way, not everyone has the desire, time, or expertise to buy and spend their resources in learning the 3D printing processes and workflows.

Especially when you're on a deadline or budget! That's where we come in.

Model building - 3D Printing allows for customization and the creation of small scale models and kits. Printed in the EnvisionTEC Micro

Possibility and convenience

PaliProto 3D Printing and Scanning is a 3D printing service bureau conveniently located in your metro Atlanta neighborhood. We are located in East Cobb and were the first true Brick and Mortar retail shop in the area. We are affordable and can print and deliver timely and quality plastic models and objects from your digital files. We offer an alternative to conventional micro-machining for fabricating one-off precision plastic parts, prototypes, models, props, form-fit tests parts and personalized one of a kind items.

Do you want to design your own smartphone case or money clip? Do you need a prototype for a presentation or a mold as input into another manufacturing process? Most items that are smaller than a loaf of bread and which can be made out of plastic (or composite like materials) and pieced together are perfect for 3D printing on our state of the art printers. We currently print FDM processes on the Zortrax M200, M300 and Inventure, Airwolf, Fusion3 F410 and the Markforged X7. For resin and jetting printers we use the Stratasys Objet 30, EnvisonTEC 3SPMicro, Vector and Perfactory and 3D Systems MJP  2500 and CJP 660Pro machines in our open plan production facility. Come down and check us out.

How do I get started?

Contact us through our custom request form, or simply give us a call. We can guide you through the next steps. Hope to hear form you soon!



News Flash! Zortrax M300 Test Bench Results

After several weeks of testing the Zortrax M300 on limited production runs, we are confidant to announce that the print quality is as high as the "little" brother M200. We concluded our tests and starting December 1, we are adding the Zortrax M300 printer and supported Z-materials to our offerings.

The M300 is certified to run the following Z-Materials: Z-HIPS, Z-GLASS and Z-PETG. On our own we also tested other genuine Zortrax materials. Specifically Z-ABS and Z-PCABS. However due to inconclusive and inconsistent results we are not recommending them yet as an M300 basic filament.

For a Pro Tip: We used Acetone slurry to get good results on medium to large Z-ABS parts. However we found that we needed to ensure a very steady temperature for the entire print time. We had to avoid A/C, vents, fans or any other temperature changing events such as doors and windows being opened or even foot traffic! 

Happy printing! - The team at Pali Proto

Zortrax M300 Printer

News Flash! #OMGROBOTS!

PaliProto 3D will be at the

 FTC Robotics Championships 2015/2016 - Jungle Rumble

on November 21, 2015
at Douglas County High School

Come Check out and support these amazing students!

Photos from the Event


News Flash! 3D Printing for Students

3D Printing for Students

3D Hubs is offering discount prices for students.

3D Hubs Student Discount Flyer

Visit our Hub at our PaliProto 3D Hubs order page

Use the Discount Code 8XXPA7FWAV


We've ran our new Airwolf3D AXIOM through its paces and it's out on the production floor tackling client jobs.


What a versatile machine.

Come down to check this and other printers out at our retail store. 

And speaking of client jobs. We're doing a large Nylon910 run. For this we needed a safe and mobile place to store the the spools to protect them from humidity. Tom and Kuba knocked out a solid solution out of spare items laying around the shop. 

Nylon storage bucket

It also serves as some pretty snazzy mood lighting!


News Flash! Georgia Manufacturing Summit

PaliProto 3D will be exhibiting

at 2015 Georgia Manufacturing Summit

November 18, 2015

at COBB Galleria, 2 Galleria Parkway Southeast Atlanta, GA 30339 

News Flash! ACME Southern Nationals

PaliProto 3D will be at the

ACME Southern Nationals model car show 2015 NNL

on November 14, 2015

News Flash! Marietta Art in the Park 2015

PaliProto 3D will be at the

 Marietta Art in the Park Festival

September 5 - 7, 2015
at Marietta Square

Come check out the art and our booth.

News Flash! Marietta Street Fest 2015

PaliProto 3D will be at the

 Marietta Street Fest

September 19 - 20, 2015
at Marietta Square

Come check out the fun.

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