We do design work

Many individuals that have conceptualized and refined a unique design want to have the item produced as a tangible object. This can be a one off, single item, small scale run, prototype or as the input model for further mass production.

We can help you refine your hobby and personal project files to get the best print for your buck.

We are conveniently located in East Cobb a short drive away from 285 or GA 400 and you will find that our evening and weekend hours will give you the flexibility needed for a consultation appointment that works for you.

3D printing design consultation

We provide on-demand, per project consultation and design services for a wide range of clients. We review your files and models to check for fidelity, applicability, and printability in the materials and chosen printer. We also work on file conversations or digitizing your "napkin sketch" into a print ready model. We can also provide feedback to your own design process to get the best possible prints. 

Model Car axle model car engine model car wheels


Value add

As part of our 3D printing orders we provide the value added service of a file, 3D model, and design reviews. We also can do use case based one off prototypes prior to limited run manufacturing, base model creation, and digitizing help. Having trouble with your meshes, transforming NURB objects, converting a point cloud, creating a usable solid? Our technicians can very likely help you out. 

We want your prints to come out perfect.

Large runs

We are also able to provide mass scale 3D printing for orders that exceed our in-house printing capabilities. PaliProto 3D is currently sourcing and partnering with a number of other 3D printing and manufacturing companies that will provide these services on an as needed basis.

We are always looking for local high quality manufacturing partners. If you are interested in a partnership please contact us.

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From napkin sketch to file verification we can help.

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