3D Printing fits into your Learning Initiatives

3D printing is a perfect fit in your STEM / STEAM program  or home school group. How can 3D printing contribute to a vibrant and progressive educational environment? How can you, as an educator or as a parent, use 3D printing tools in your curriculum and lesson plans? The following examples can illustrate:

  • Geography Students can print out topographical maps, statistical analysis maps, or population density maps.
  • Industrial Design students can print out models and test designs for form fits.
  • History Students can print out artifacts for hands on examination.
  • Engineering Students can use 3D printing in robotics projects.
  • Architecture Students can 3D print model parts of complete architecture models.
  • Biology Students can use 3D printing to study cross-sections of organs or microscopic organisms.
  • Chemistry Students can print out large scale molecules and proteins.
  • Physics students can study gravity and optics with the help of 3D printing.
  • Graphic Design students can use 3D printing to study sculpture or make their own designs.
  • Math Students can use 3D printing to produce the results of complex equations to see them in the physical world.


3D printing is a tool for all ages

3D printing allows students of all ages to explore real world problems. It enables a hands on design process that wasn't available with any prior set of tools. Experimentation and failure become critical lessons when using 3D printing in age appropriate projects and discipline specific courses.

3D printing provides an unparalleled potential in education especially when combined with a flexible classroom environment, appropriate unit planning, strategic engagement, and cross discipline approaches. PaliProto 3D Printing can aid you in incorporating 3D printing in your classroom. From charter schools, after-school demos, clubs, home-school co-ops, to standards based curriculum and weekly units we can provide resources, tools and consultation. Contact us for further information.

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Models, files and downloads marketplace



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